We ♥️ Dollar Cost Averaging

In a volatile market, DCA helps you lock in some of the highs and lows on auto-pilot. Even Pro traders deploy a dollar cost averaging strategy across some of their portfolio for long term wealth.


Recurring Buys

Your future self will thank you for scheduling recurring automatic investments which help control the average price of your crypto over the long term.


Easy to Use

DCA brings peace of mind and can be a little boring. It's the easiest way to tell your friends that you trade crypto without having to study charts all night.


Not Boring Bot (beta)

Request Access to our Not Boring Bot to spice up your recurring buys leveraging our smart buy optimizer. Be a Dollar Cost Savage!

Top Cryptocurrencies

Checkout the top 10 current crypto market prices by market cap. Stay on top of opportunities with Stratus Bots. We have the trading tools to help you strike at the right time!

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Trade Crypto Anytime on Autopilot

Trade in the market that never sleeps. Bots are the only way to stay on top of the market and trade cryptocurrencies efficiently.


Security First

Backed by industry leading security infrastructure to protect your cryptocurrencies and fiat. We pay through the nose for this.


USA Based

Trade crypto without worrying about your data or your assets leaving the United States. Built for US based traders who don't trust other governments.


24/7 Support

Have a problem or just need to ask us something? Our customer support team is available to help 24/7 with average response times under 2 minutes.