Stratus + Coinbase: Build Your Bitcoin Investment Position

You can level up your Bitcoin investing in 5 minutes.

Crypto investing doesn’t have to be so scary or complicated.

You can eliminate all of the noise and uncertainty like transferring money to a non-US exchange, using complicated software and investing in scam crypto projects. We know what it’s like working with non-US based exchanges, learning complicated software, and wondering if the altcoin you just bought is a scam.

Stratus is based in the USA and by design we only work with the Industry best in class: Coinbase + Bitcoin.

Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)

Over time a DCA strategy will help you pay a lower AVERAGE price for crypto instead of trying to time the market with a lump sum investment.

When the price goes down, your DCA bot buys more.A weekly recurring buy is the most basic crypto strategy to LOWER your average cost to accumulate Bitcoin over the long run regardless of up/down/sideways market conditions.

Check out our real time Dollar Cost Average calculator below:

Recurring Buys = Stress Free Investing

Dollar Cost Averaging removes all emotion from the equation which helps prevent you from making poor investment decisions like trying to time the market.

We use Technical Indicators split up your weekly buy into multiple Limit Orders to lower your cost basis (and fees) so you can consistently accumulate more Bitcoin for less money.

Speaking of money…all orders, bank transfers and crypto custody stay on Coinbase. Stratus executes the orders via Coinbase using their API with a secure oAuth connector. You benefit from the extra security and saving on the pesky ‘Buy Order’ fees helping you net more BTC .

(bonus - we will never ask for your credentials, drivers license, passport etc)

Recurring Buy on Coinbase without Stratus DCA BotRecurring Buy on Coinbase WITH Smart Stratus DCA Bot
Requirements: a Coinbase accountRequirements: A Stratus account securely connected to Coinbase with 1 click oAuth.
Budget: $1.99 MinimumBudget: $1 Minimum
2%-50% Coinbase Fee0.00%-0.7% Coinbase Fee
Bitcoin Bonus: None $0Bitcoin Bonus: Up to 2% extra Bitcoin
Order Type: 1 Buy OrderOrder Type: 1 Buy Order + 2 Limit Orders to catch price swings.
Order Frequency: 1 buy order filled on same day & same time of day every week.Order Frequency: Up to 3 dynamic limit orders on different days and varying times every week.
Best for Pro TradersBest for Building Solid Investment Habits

"I've had a weekly recurring buy setup since 2017. Finally a DCA bot that moves with the market and doesn't do a repetitive buy at the same time on the exact same day of the week."

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We 100% guarantee that you’ll earn at least an extra $100 in Bitcoin using
the Stratus Bot or we’ll refund your Stratus subscription payments.

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