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Build a procedure for your staff to answer questions from clients. Arm them with strong foundations to reduce your liability and increase your team's competence.

  • Why should I buy the Bitcoin ETF vs. Bitcoin (BTC) via an exchange or app?
  • How do I transfer Bitcoin to my family when I die?
  • Is self custody right for my business?
  • Is self custody right for me?
  • Can I insure my crypto holdings?

Who we work with:

  • Individuals who (want to) self-custody Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies
  • Financial Advisors, RIAs, Wealth Management, and Family Offices
  • Law Firms, Legal Advisors and Tax Professionals
  • Corporate Entities with Custodial Duties


  • Bitcoin Security Review
  • Blockchain Privacy Audit and Operational Security Plan
  • Cold Storage Hardware Wallet Setup, Backup & Recovery
  • Crypto Estate & Inheritance Planning
  • Continuing Education Courses (custom)
  • Lost Crypto Recovery
  • Automated Investing Tools and Strategy

Bitcoin is misunderstood by most and requires extreme personal responsibility.

Money is broken. Fiat debasement begets $400T deployed to safe-haven investments to store the value of our economic energy. Bitcoin is a decentralized protocol of sound money without an Issuer or counterparty risk.

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Stratus offers Bitcoin advisory and consulting services for all Industries. Bitcoin is becoming the future of finance, you can't afford to wait... prepare your staff today!

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