Bitcoin Dollar Cost Average Calculator

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What is Dollar Cost Averaging Bitcoin?

Dollar Cost Averaging Bitcoin is an investment strategy that consistently purchases fixed amounts (in USD) of an asset on a regular basis with the goal of lowering your average cost compared to a lump sum investment.

How do I use the Bitcoin DCA Calculator?

The DCA tool simulates what your portfolio would look like based on a historical recurring buy using the Stratus DCA Bot You can customize all of the inputs including the amount (in USD), frequency (daily/weekly/monthly), and your start/end dates.

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How do you calculate the DCA metrics below the chart?

Final Value:
Asset Balance: The total amount of BTC accumulated including Sats (see below).
Asset Value: Current estimate of proceeds if you were to liquidate your BTC holdings for USD.
Average Cost: The average of each BTC-USD price paid when the buy order was filled.

Total Cost / ROI:
Investment: Total amount of USD spent to purchase the asset.
Profit/Loss: (Asset Value + Fee Savings) - (Investment)
Return: ROI percentage = Profit / Investment * 100

Stratus Bot Savings: Dollar amount of Exchange Fees you saved using Stratus.
Transactions: The total number of buy orders filled.
Bonus Crypto: Extra Sats you stacked at no additional cost because you paid less fees using the Stratus DCA Bot compared to setting up a recurring buy On-Exchange.

Bonus Crypto Example: Let's say you have $100 weekly buy set up on an Exchange with a 2% fee. The $2 fee is front loaded, so you're only purchasing $98 worth of the asset every week.

The dollar amount displayed for 'Straus Bot Savings' was automatically added back into your weekly buy and the 'Bonus Crypto'.  The 'Bonus Crypto' represents the EXTRA Sats you stacked the 'Straus Bot Savings'. This is huge and an important step to becoming a member of the One Bitcoin Club!

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What are Sats (Satoshis)?

1 Satoshi (Sat) = 0.00000001 BTC
1 BTC = 100,000,000 Sats

Fiat, like the USD, is government issued money that is divisible into 100 units.
1 cent = 0.01 USD
1 USD = 100 cents

Only ~2% of all wallets hold at least 1 whole Bitcoin and are eligible for the One Bitcoin Club. Most crypto noobs own a fraction of BTC somewhere between 1 - 99,999,999 Sats or 0.00000001 - 0.99999999 Bitcoin.

Should I start a Bitcoin DCA Recurring Buy?

Before deciding if you should set up a recurring buy, you should Do Your Own Research (DYOR) of the Bitcoin and broader crypto market to understand the risks involved. Consulting a professional who has experience investing in this volatile asset class is also recommended.

How do I start a Bitcoin DCA Recurring Buy?

Most Crypto Exchanges have a built-in recurring buy feature. Exchange auto-buy orders usually get filled the same day of the week, roughly the same time of day, and incur fees for every transaction.

The Stratus DCA Bot is integrated with Coinbase so your crypto, keys and fiat never leave their platform. Stratus creates multiple limit orders on Coinbase over the course of the week to capture 'the dips' while staying within your budget based on the bot settings. In addition to buying at potentially more opportune times, the fee savings gets added back into your orders netting more crypto for the same investment amount.

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